Program Educational Objectives(PEO's)

I. PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE: Graduates will have the knowledge of mathematics, science; computing and engineering fundamentals, laboratory and project based experiences, breadth and in-depth studies, to formulate and solve engineering problems in Electronics and Communication Engineering and shall have proficiency in Instrumentation-based engineering and use of modern computational tools.

II. PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT: Graduates will succeed in entry-level engineering positions with Electronics, Communication, Embedded, VLSI and Manufacturing firms in regional, national, or international industries and with government agencies.

III. PROFESSIONAL STUDIES: Graduates will succeed in the pursuit of advanced degrees in engineering or other fields and will have skills for, continued independent, life-long learning to become experts in their profession and to broaden their professional knowledge.

IV. PROFESSIONAL CITIZENSHIP: Graduates will have the ability to organize and present information, to write and speak effective English, to work effectively on team-based engineering projects and will practice ethics and have a sense of social responsibility.

Program Outcomes

a. Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering.

b. Ability to design and conduct experiments to analyze and interpret the data.

c. Ability to design a system / component / process to meet the desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic / environmental / social / political / ethical / health / safety, manufacturability, and sustainability

d. Ability to function on multidisciplinary teams.

e. Ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.

f. Understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

g. Ability to communicate effectively.

h. Ability to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a national/global economic/ environmental/ societal context.

i. Ability to develop passion for life long learning.

j. A knowledge of contemporary issues

k. Ability to use techniques, skills, and modern computational and engineering tools necessary for problem solving.

l. Capability for successful employment/entrepreneurship/ higher-studies and excellence in competitive world and contribution to industry/academia.

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