Audisankara College of Engineering and Technology



1. Excellence in Managerial Communication
2. Competitive Marketing Strategy
3. Value Creation Through Operations Strategy
4. Effective Content Marketing and Communication
5. Developing Empowered Women Leaders for Strategic Role
6. Finance for Non Finance Executive
7. Digital Technology Management for Business Excellence
8. Young Leadership Programme for Managers
9. Competency Building for Leadership Roles
10. Operational and Organizational Excellence
11. Pricing & Sales
12. Strategic Analysis for Marketing Decision-Making
13. Strategic Brand Management
14. Supply Chain Management
15. Strategic Cost & Performance Management
16. Decision Making for Strategic Alliances
17. Happiness Strategy for Leaders
18. Strategy for High Performance for Leaders
19. Selling & Negotiation Skills
20. Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management
21. Interpersonal Effectiveness & Leadership Excellence
22. Developing Strategic Decision Making Capability Through Simulation
23. Leadership and Innovation in the Era of Digital Transformation
24. Leadership and Team Building
25. Managing Work Stress for Superior Performance
26. Lean Management and Process Improvement
27. Six Sigma for Quality Improvement
28. Problem Solving and Decision Making
29. Total Quality Management (TQM)
30. Digital Technology Management for Business Excellence
31. Becoming an Effective Sales Manager
32. Business Leadership Programme
33. Business Model Innovation
34. Contract Management and Arbitration
35. Communication And Presentation Skills
36. Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Communication
37. Customer Service Strategy
38. Competitive Marketing Strategy
39. Digital and Social Media Marketing for Business Growth