Inhouse Programs

In house training is imparted to the third year and final year engineering students by a highly eminent and renowned aptitude trainer Mr. M. Hanumantha Rao. In view of the important and critical role played by aptitude in all corporate written examination for selection process, the students are imparts a comprehensive training in aptitude with a special focus on reasoning and simple arithmetic.

It is true that majority of the students find it difficult to measure up to the rigorous selection process due to the deficiency in communication ability. To rectify this deficiency the T&P cell gives year-long training to the II, III and final year students allotting additional hours in the regular time table. As part of the training programme, students are encouraged to participate in Group Discussion, extempore, soft skills sessions and mock interview sessions to sharpen their personality traits and inculcate leadership qualities which make them successful in the corporate world.

In Addition that for analytical and practicable growth in Mathematics, Mr. K.Sai Krishna has been a remarkable appitude trainer, having got exteemed experience in appitude training. He is handling classes for III and IV th B.Tech Students, as a part of training in appituade for the MNC's like TCS,CTS,TECH MAHENDRA,INFOSYS, and SYNTEL pattern of examinations.

A highly experienced and eminently qualified communications skills trainer Mr. V.Arun Kumar is in charge of all these activities to promote verbal non verbal communication skills among the students to ensure their employability. The training activities are conducted under the able guidance and enlightening supervision of the prevailing corporate environment.

As a communication successfull trainer, Mrs K. Shobha Rani, handling the classes under a part of training for II, III, and IV students of all respective B.Tech braches. she has been rendering her services to provoke the students among the communication skills in which they are educated to encounter with effective manner that would be represented before the interviewer. She makes the students well in communication abilities for attending Group discusions and interview for any MNC's.

Our Placement Training Team is conducting Project Oriented Training and Placement Programs. Placement Training team comprises of experienced instructors who are working in various modules and operates under the guidance of experienced Placement Training Director. We are committed to provide high quality placement programs and excellent post training support.Course material: Resume preparation, Interview preparation, Self-evaluation test, Mini project (case study) and project related documents. Mock interviews are conducted before the students attend the interviews. All the necessary support is provided to meet the corporate and competitive world. Real time project issues and resolutions during the training will boost the student's skills and confidence to perform well at the site.We constantly monitor the needs of the industry and modify our programs according to the future requirements. Our Support team provides necessary support during the entire process of placements. This is our key strength for success in the placement area.

Our Internal Placement Trainers

Mr. M. Hanumantha Rao

Mr. K.Sai Krishna

Mr. V.Arun Kumar

Mrs K. Shobha Rani

Program Year Semester No of Hours Conducted
Academic Skills Program I I 16
EmotionalCompetency Program I I 16
CommunicationSkills Training II III 16
PersonalityEnrichment Program II IV 48
Career Skills Program III V 24
Aptitude Training IV VI 16
Mock Test IV VII 32
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