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Aiming at nurturing the demand of industry for high quality technical education for Computer specialists, the institute started the three-year MCA Course in 2004 with an intake of 60. Department is equipped with well qualified and experienced faculty who are capable of providing proper technical expertise to its students. The department has good number of Computer Systems with the latest Configuration. The lab operating environments include Novell Netware, Windows XP and LINUX. In addition there is exclusive lab with internet facility.

The department provides excellent technical skills to its students through various technical activities with a mission to promote technical excellence in its students through training in soft skills which covers a variety of industrial requirements.

Vision & Mission


To promote innovation centric education and perform cutting edge research and training to meet the requirements of industry and society in Master of Computer Application.


  • To acquire quality education through well-designed curriculum with the challenging software needs of the industry.
  • To provide an open environment to the students and faculty that promotes professional and personal growth.
  • To Facilitate the development of academia-industry collaborations, research and societal outreach programmes.
  • Educational Objectives & Outcomes

    Program Educational Objectives(PEO's)

    PEO1:To solidify foundation of mathematics, computer science and problem solving methodology for effective implementation in the area of software development.

    PEO2:To impart advance knowledge about various sub-domains related to the field of computer science and applications

    PEO3:To acquaint students about principles of system analysis, design, development and project management.

    Program Specific Outcomes(PSO's)

    PSO1:Graduates will have strong understanding in logical, mathematical and analytical reasoning among peers, coupled with problem solving attitude.

    PSO2:Graduates able to engage in the productive practice of Computer Science and Engineering to identify and solve significant problems across broad range of application areas.

    Program Outcomes

    PO1:An ability to independently carry out research/investigation and development work to solve practical problems.

    PO2:An ability to write and present a substantial technical report/document.

    PO3:Students should be able to demonstrate a degree of mastery over the area as per the specialization of the program. The mastery should be at a level higher than the requirements in the appropriate bachelor program.

    CO-PO-PSO Mapping

    MCA BoS Members

    S.No Name of the Member Designation Role of the BoS
    1 Prof.V.Chandra Sekhar Professor & HOD Chairman
    Subject Experts Nominated by Academic Council
    2 Dr.R.B.V.Subramanyam Professor,Dept of CSE,NIT Warangal Member
    3 Prof.Y.Rama Devi Professor & HOD,CBIT,Hyderabad Member
    University Nominee
    4 Dr.A.P.Shiva Kumar Asst. Professor, Dept. of CSE,JNTUA, Ananthapramu Member
    Department Faculty
    5 Prof.N.Shobha Rani Associate Professor Member
    6 Prof.Y.Kumar Assistant Professor Member
    Industry Representative
    9 Mr.A.Mahesh Specialist Software Engineer, Society General, Bangalore Member
    10 Mr.G.Prasad Senior Database System Analyst, IBM,Bangalore Member


    Computer Science & Engineering Labs
    Master of Computer Application Labs
    Charles Babbage Computer Lab
    Tim Berners Lee Computer Lab
    Dennis Ritchie Computer Lab
    Ken Thompson Computer Lab
    Internet Lab
    JKC & Projects Lab
    Cisco Networking Lab

    R18 Regulations & Syllabus

    R18 Regulations & Syllabus

    R20 Regulations & Syllabus

    R20 Regulations & Syllabus


    An Association named "i-Hub" found by the first batch CSE students of ASCET with engineers as its members.i-Hub efforts for the development of different skills in students and there by progressing their personality. It navigates the members to develop an successful IT professionals, create employment opportunities so some social activities like blood donation, public awernce on AIDS.

    Professional Body Members(i-Hub)

    S.NoRegd.NoName of the StudentDesigination
    1 16G21A0540G.V.Vikas BabuPresident
    2 17G21A0521B.LokeshVice-President
    3 16G21A05C1Sk. Saba MuskanSecretary
    4 17G21A0556K.KishoreJoint Secretary
    5 16G21A0557K.Surya TejaTreasurer
    6 17G21A05E0Y.Venkata SireeshaAssoc. Treasurer

    MCA Roll of Honour

    S.No Year Name of the Student Regd.No Percentage
    1 2002-05 G.PAVANI SOWJANYA 01G21A0527 79.18
    2 2002-06 G.SIREESHA 02G21A0536 71.50
    3 2003-07 V.SAI MANASA 03G21A0536 73.48
    4 2004-08 P.CHENGALVA 04G21A0509 79.18
    5 2005-09 N.SUHASINI 05G21A0545 79.18
    6 2006-10 SK.ARSHIA FIRDOSE 06G21A0505 82.14
    7 2007-11 T.NIREESHA 06G21A0551 81.98
    8 2008-12 C.PADMINI 08G21A0552 80.67
    9 2009-13 T.AKHILA 09G21A05A8 82.52
    10 2010-14 E.SRI LAKSHMI LAVANYA 10G21A0526 83.21
    11 2011-15 M.R.SWETHA 11G21A0564 82.85
    12 2012-16 B.SANDHYA 12G21A05B5 80.31
    13 2013-17 K.LOHITHA 13G21A0518 89.30
    14 2014-18 K.AISWAYARYA 14G21A0541 88.52
    15 2015-19 G.SREE LEKHA 15G21A0537 87.02

    List of Faculty

    1 Mr.Viswanadham Chandrasekhar Associate Professor Professor MCA
    2 Mr.Shaik Ali Basha Assistant Professor MCA
    3 Mr.B.S. Hemanth Kumar Assistant Professor MCA
    4 Dr.N. KrishnaKumar Associate Professor Ph.D
    5 Mr.Boddu Samuel John Peter Assistant Professor MCA
    6 Mr.K Venkata Narasimha Assistant Professor MCA
    7 Mr.Epuru Khadeer Assistant Professor MCA
    8 P. RajeshKumar Assistant Professor MCA
    9 Mr.S Sreenivasulu Assistant Professor MCA


    Contact HoD

    Prof. V.Chandra Sekhar
    HoD MCA
    Audisankara College of Engineering & Technology,Gudur
    Mobile : (+91-) 9248748420