Vice Chairperson's Desk


Smt. Vanki Anusha

Smt Vanki Anusha, an energetic vice Chairperson of ASCET, is a worthy, skilled and talented women with great administrative ability who has made ASCET as one of the leading technical institutions. She always welcomes innovative ideas and techniques for the development of the organization.

Vice chairperson's words about ASCET:In our institution though learning being in classroom, but not restricted to, especially for transformation; thus, got breakthrough and adopted new learning and evaluation processes based on research. We are further committed to lay the foundations for thinking, learning and growing that make our students not just engineers, but global citizens who lead our nation forward.

we believe our students greatly enhance intellectual ambiance of the institute, and have potential to bring laurels to the institute. Students, who thrive in our programs, are passionate about learning and attaining expertise, not in singular discipline but also across disciplines. Many nationally, and few internationally are recognized for their scholarship, research and contributions.